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Pacsafe backpacks for long trips - The Travel Expert
Travel Resources August 3, 2016

Pacsafe backpacks for long trips

On my recent trip around the world, I had 2 pieces of luggage: a small suitcase, and a Pacsafe backpack. Clothes and toiletries went into the suitcase, while electronics went into the backpack. Pacsafes are not cheap but I picked mine because they are almost theft-proof. I wanted to be able to wear the bag pack without worrying that someone would open it without my knowledge.

pacsafeI chose the 15L VentureSafe bag from the Pacsafe collection. The bag has a main compartment with a laptop section, and a front compartment. The zippers for both compartments can be pinned down to prevent unauthorized unzipping. The front compartment has an RFID-safe pocket that prevents chips on ID cards and passports from being read.

The Venturesafe sounds pretty cool so far. But wait, there’s more. The bag is encased in a metal mesh which prevents it from being cut open. The mesh also extends to the straps. What’s to stop someone from taking the bag and running away? A hook which can be used to attach the bag to a table or chair, and locked in place. The only way you would ;one this bag is through negligence and carelessness.

I was very pleased with the performance of the bag. In addition to all the safety features, it is also very comfortable and durable. There is padding throughout the bag, including the straps, which adds to the comfort.  I picked a black bag but the Pacsafe Venturesafe is also available in blue and green. I hope you enjoy using yours as much as I have mine.

Happy traveling!

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