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Travel Resources April 26, 2016


Having entertainment on any trip is important, but especially so on long trips. You won’t have wifi everywhere you go. So how to guarantee you always have entertainment on hand?

I find long plane trips very enjoyable, mostly because after the many hours of preparation to finally get to your gate, it is annoying to only travel for an hour or two before getting to my destination. About 6 hours minimum is ideal for me. I can stretch out, as much as one can, and entertain myself before I have to start thinking about my designation.

Speaking of entertainment, there are many forms ideal for travelers. You can bring books and games to distract yourself. On international flights, movies and tv shows are usually available on the plane. But this is not a guarantee. I’m always puzzled when I see people stare straight ahead for hours. What’s going through your mind, kind sir? On a recent flight to Trinidad, in-flight entertainment was available for a fee, even though the flight was 5 hours long.

I find that tablets are the ideal entertainment medium for the seasoned traveler. You can load multiple books without increasing the weight of your luggage. Games can also be loaded for when you don’t want to think too much. I also load movie and whole seasons of tv shows. Since one can never guarantee working wifi at the destination, having tv shows on your tablet ensures you will not want for entertainment. Even if you do have wifi, you may not be able to get on websites like Netflix as they are to available everywhere. Hulu is not yet available outside of the US.

So, invest in a tablet, if you haven’t already. And some noise canceling headphones to go with them. And a case that acts as a stand.



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