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Fun things to do in Cape Town - The Travel Expert
Destinations November 10, 2016

Fun things to do in Cape Town

cape townCape Town is one of my favorite cities in the world. I love the juxtaposition of the mountains and the blue ocean. There is something for everyone, no matter what you are into. Driving outside the city is breathtaking as the mountains and seas combine to give incredible views.

Here are some activities to seriously consider if you are ever in Cape Town.

Seven Fun Activities to do in Cape Town

  1. Table Mountain – This is a flat-topped mountain that forms the backdrop of Cape Town. The mountain can be seen fromtable-mountain-cable-car anywhere in the city. It is possible to hike to the top. If hiking is not for you, there is a cable care that goes all the way to the top.. At the top, you can see the whole city spread out in front of you and the Atlantic Ocean beyond the city. Dress warmly as it can get chilly and windy on Table Mountain.
  2. Robben Island – Robben Island has the prison where Nelson Mandela was kept as a political prisoner under the apartheid regime for 27 years. The tour begins with a boat ride from the Waterfront in Cape Town to Robben Island. It continues with a bus tour all over the island, ending at the prison. You will be able to see the cell where Mandela was held. The tour guides on the island are former prisoners so they know what they are talking about. The tour was one of the best I’ve ever had. It was slightly better than the one at Alcatraz.
  3. Stellenbosch Wine Country – If you’re a wino (my term for wine lovers because, really, what’s the difference?) you will love Stellenbosch Wine Country. It is the South African equivalent of Napa Valley. Stellenbosch is about 45 minutes from Cape Town. The area is stellenbosch wine countrybeautiful to behold with rolling hills and the vineyards of course. It is possible to have a meal with a wine tasting though you should call in advance. If you want a tasting but no meal, you can usually drive to the wineries with no appointment. We visited a winery called Rust en Vrede. You can find more info on them here.
  4. District Six Museum – District Six was home to many people of all races, which angered the apartheid government. The government forced the over 60,000 inhabitants to move from the area and demolished all the houses in 1982. The museum serves as a memorial of life in District Six with multiple races living in peace.
  5. Cape of Good Hope – This is where the Dutch first landed in 1652. It is NOT the southernmost tip of Africa as was once believed. [That honor belongs to Cape Agulhas which is where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet.] The drive has beautiful rugged scenery and seascapes. We saw many baboons along the way and even some ostriches. Be sure to keep your doors locked as the baboons know how to open them.
  6. african penguins-bettys-bayAfrican Penguins – If you yearn to see penguins in the wild but have no desire to visit Antarctica, you’re in luck. South Africa and Namibia have several sites where you can view African penguins. Near Cape Town, you can visit Boulders Beach in Simons Town or Bette’s Bay. Bette’s Bay was a better experience for me as there were many more penguins. Both are roughly an hour from Cape Town with Simon’s Town being southwest and Betty’s Bay southwest. If you are visiting the Cape of Good Hope, Simon’s Town is along the way.
  7. !Khwa ttu San Cultural Center – a center set up to preserve San!Khwa Ttu San Center(formerly known as Bushman ) culture and educate others about it. It is located an hour outside of Cape Town. There is an attached nature reserve which has some animals including springbok and zebra. A guide will explain the history of the San then take you to a replica village where he will show traditional items and demonstrate their use. There is a restaurant on site as well as a gift shop. I thoroughly enjoyed !Khwa ttu. If you like history and culture, this is a great place to visit.

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. I’m sure you will enjoy your time there when you visit.

Live young and travel!

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