Travel Resources August 3, 2016

Pacsafe backpacks for long trips

On my recent trip around the world, I had 2 pieces of luggage: a small suitcase, and a Pacsafe backpack. Clothes…

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Travel News July 5, 2016

Linton Lies

Twitter is abuzz. Today, I take a break from my usual travel stories and tips to talk about #LintonLies. A Scot named…

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Travel Tips June 2, 2016

Traveling alone

Traveling alone is sometimes the only option if you are ready to travel but no one else is. Sometimes, I actually prefer…

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Travel Resources May 10, 2016

Texting and Calling Apps

Calling apps and texting apps are essential for the international traveler. There are many texting and calling apps available. My personal…

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Travel Resources April 26, 2016 0


Having entertainment on any trip is important, but especially so on long trips. You won’t have wifi everywhere you go. So…

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Travel Tips April 26, 2016

Saying “thank you”

No matter where you go in the world, politeness is appreciated. Something as simple as saying “thank you” can make a…

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