From Antarctica to ZimbabweFrom Antarctica to Zimbabwe: How I hit the reset button on my life

My book is coming out!!! After much anticipation, my new book will be released on June 26, 2017. The book is titled From Antarctica to Zimbabwe: How I hit the reset button on my life. It is the story of my adventures on my recent trip around the world. You can already preorder the paperback and ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and others. Please leave a review. Happy reading!

Book Synopsis

Quinta was plodding through a successful but mundane career when she was relieved of her job. She took her newfound freedom and endless time as an opportunity to reinvent herself and rediscover joy in life. She packed her bags and embarked on a solo trip around the world. For three and a half months, she traveled to 23 countries and all 7 continents.

From Antarctica to Zimbabwe: How I hit the reset button on my life is the story of Quinta’s adventures as she made her way around the world. From camping in the Sahara Desert in Morocco, to walking cheetahs in Zambia, to surviving her ship hitting an iceberg in Antarctica, her experiences made her come alive and believe in herself again. This is a story of self-discovery and finding the courage to live the life we really want to.

From Antarctica to Zimbabwe: How I hit the reset button on my life is available on, Barnes and Noble and other retailers in print and e-book format.


5 Star Review from Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

5 Star Readers' FavoriteDr. Quinta’s non-fiction travel memoir, From Antarctica to Zimbabwe, is very likely the next best thing to actually taking that incredible globe-trekking journey for yourself. While most of us dream in terms of Jules Verne’s classic novel, Around the World in Eighty Days, Quinta, who loved reading that book as she was growing up, actually lived it. I marveled at the way she used her academically honed discipline to scientifically chart a successful, relatively affordable world tour, while leaving ample room for spontaneity and the occasional flirtation with serendipitous opportunities. The author is the consummate guide to each of the locations, which she describes in some detail in this memoir. She’s lavish with her appreciation for the cultures, kindness, and the scenic beauty of the places she visits, and she pulls no punches when discussing disappointments with food, service, or even a long-term friend who turned out to be a less-than-pleasant travelling companion. Quinta shares her experiences at each major stop on her trip and concludes each section with handy Tips for Travelers.

I’m particularly interested in travel memoirs about the polar regions and was most impressed with her Antarctic section and the photographs she includes from that part of her trip. I also loved her accounts of her desert adventures, especially her experiences with the sand dunes. Quinta’s photography, which is first-rate, works quite well with her eloquent and flowing narrative, making this travel memoir a truly memorable and inspirational armchair adventure. Wondering where in the world you’d like to visit sometime? From Antarctica to Zimbabwe gives the aspiring tourist a host of attractive options to consider. From Antarctica to Zimbabwe is most highly recommended.


I am a seasoned and passionate traveler. I have traveled all over the world, visiting all 7 continents and over 43 countries.

I have been traveling since I was a child. This has led to the development of wanderlust in later life, sated only by traveling to a different country at least once a year.

In 2015, I set out on a 3 month solo trip around the world. I visited all 7 continents and about 23 countries. I had many adventures along the way and returned home with a new perspective on life.

I love adventure and have become quite the adrenaline junky. I have climbed to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, bungee jumped from the highest bungee in the world, hang glided in Rio, and white-water rafted in Thailand.

Viewing monuments and jumping off bridges is very enjoyable. The best part of traveling for me, however, is meeting new people and experiencing their cultures. I consider myself more of a traveler than an tourist.

I love traveling because it opens up the mind and stimulates creativity. It’s the best way to learn that there are many ways of doing things. Get out of your comfort zone.

My latest photo book is available for sale here. Proceeds go towards my education charity.

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